It’s election time!

We have been making endorsements and reviewing the surveys of candidates. If you are a candidate, please visit our elections and endorsements page for more information and to learn about how to fill out a survey if you are a candidate for the state legislature. We are also seeking information on positions from statewide candidates. … [Read more...]

“Puppy Doe” Bill Needs Your Help

Update 07/26/14: Please don't forget about the bill H. 4328 that is now in the MA House of Representatives and needs YOUR support. The bill would increase the penalty for animal abuse, require vets to report animal abuse and create a task force to complete a systematic review of the laws relating to animal cruelty and protection. Please help by contacting your state representative (find out who he/she is by going to Where do I vote? and entering your address to get their name) and ask them to prevent animal cruelty in MA by supporting H. 4328 (note the bill number changed). Please also contact Speaker Deleo and ask that he bring it to the floor (617-722-2500). The formal legislation … [Read more...]

An Act Relative to the Penalty for Killing, Maiming, or Poisoning Animals

Thanks to the incredibly hard work of bill sponsors Massachusetts Representative Bruce Ayers & Representative Louis Kafka & State Senator Bruce Tarr, a very important piece of legislation received a favorable report from the joint Judiciary Committee. House Bill 4244, “an act relative to the penalty for killing, maiming, or poisoning animals,” has now moved closer to becoming law.  You can help push H.4244 through! Please contact your state legislator today to protect animals from abuse. Visit  to download our instructional flyer & to learn more about this important bill! You can make a difference! posted 07/11/2014 … [Read more...]

Thanks for the support!

Our annual lobby day after party was a success! Thanks to Senators Brownsberger and Hedlund, as well as Representatives Ayers, Madden and rep-elect Dan Hunt for joining us. … [Read more...]

Join us on March 18th

Join us on March 18th for the annual Humane Lobby Day After Party. You can find out more about Humane Lobby Day through the MSPCA or HSUS. We hope to see you there! You do not need to attend Lobby Day to join us at Carrie Nation Cocktail Club (though it would be great if you did!)           … [Read more...]

Join us on Feb 18 to support Jason Lewis

Rep. Lewis has been a strong leader for animals in the House. He is now running for the Senate. Join us at True Bistro for a fun event to support him. As a representative, Jason Lewis has sponsored bills to prohibit confinement systems for farm animals that are so small animals cannot turn around or spread their wings. He has also sponsored a bill to help end the shark fin trade -- the demand for shark fins drives the cruel practice of shark finning where a shark's fins are cut off, often while the animal is still alive, and the rest of the shark is thrown back into the ocean. Rep. Lewis has also co-sponsored numerous other animal protection bills.   … [Read more...]

Puppy Doe Legislation

Both the House and Senate have filed bills in response to the Puppy Doe tragedy. Representative Kafka filed Docket 3883. Senator Tarr Filed the PAWS Act.   … [Read more...]


Congratulations to Animal-Friendly Winners for Boston City Council  Ayanna Pressley (at-large)  Michelle Wu (at-large)  Josh Zakim (district eight) … [Read more...]

Re-launch event

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Audrey’s event

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