Join us on Feb 18 to support Jason Lewis

Rep. Lewis has been a strong leader for animals in the House. He is now running for the Senate. Join us at True Bistro for a fun event to support him. As a representative, Jason Lewis has sponsored bills to prohibit confinement systems for farm animals that are so small animals cannot turn around or spread their wings. He has also sponsored a bill to help end the shark fin trade -- the demand for shark fins drives the cruel practice of shark finning where a shark's fins are cut off, often while the animal is still alive, and the rest of the shark is thrown back into the ocean. Rep. Lewis has also co-sponsored numerous other animal protection bills.   … [Read more...]

Puppy Doe Legislation

Both the House and Senate have filed bills in response to the Puppy Doe tragedy. Representative Kafka filed Docket 3883. Senator Tarr Filed the PAWS Act.   … [Read more...]


Congratulations to Animal-Friendly Winners for Boston City Council  Ayanna Pressley (at-large)  Michelle Wu (at-large)  Josh Zakim (district eight) … [Read more...]

Re-launch event

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Audrey’s event

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